We have a comprehensive,
long-term sustainability
vision that is aligned with
the challenges of today
and tomorrow.

At ASARCO Zero Harm is one of our Core Values, we believe that “Safety Is a Value” and not a priority. Values, unlike priorities that can change at a moment’s notice are deeply held beliefs that guides our thinking and behaviors. This belief that “Safety Is a Value” moves us to demonstrate by our words and more importantly our actions that our main focus is to “Protect Our People & Business from Harm”.

To that end, we firmly believe that well-informed and trained employees are good employees who work effectively without incident or injury to themselves or others. To help foster this concept, ASARCO’s focus is to protect its employees and others who work & visit our operations from injury through the establishment of various work and safety rules that are based on time-honored indus try standards & practices designed to ensure the Health & Safety of all employees, contractors, vendors & visitors.

ASARCO deems that health & safety is measured primarily by pro-active activities such as conducting risk assessments that identifies those workplace hazards that have the greatest potential to cause injury to our employees & contractors. Once these hazards are identified, the opportunity to implement control measures to either minimize or eliminate the hazards is provided

Other leading health & safety indicators that ASARCO personnel and contractors perform, are daily workplace examinations, designed to ensure a safe work environment prior to commencing job activities. Management personnel also conduct safe job observations or daily one on one empl oyee safety contacts.

Ultimately, our goal is Zero Unsafe Behaviors and Conditions.

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The ASARCO lost time incident rate in 2019 was 0.83 the 2020 rate was 0.31 an improvement of over 62% lower versus 2019.


Following the lead of our parent company, ASARCO implemented a COVID-19 Health & Safety policy right at the outset of the pandemic March 2020. The policy clearly outlined the steps that were and are being taken to limit the spread of the virus. In addition, ASARCO formed a COVID-19 Health committee to provide corporate support, guidance, and oversight as to the measures that could be taken to stop the spread of COVID-19 at all ASARCO operations using state and federal guidelines.
The committee is comprised of upper-level management representing each of the operations and continues to meet at least monthly.

The campaigns consisted of workplace posters, banners, and handouts. Other measures taken were conducting COVID-19 workplace audits to ensure all protocols were being followed and that masks, hand sanitizer, and cleaning supplies were readily available for employees to use. The decision was also made to send out a bi-weekly COVID-19 newsletter to all supervision to be used as talking points with their employees.

ASARCO also initiated three employee COVID-19 communication campaigns that focused on best practices designed protect the employee and family members from the virus.