What is the ASARCO Supplier Portal?

 The ASARCO Supplier Portal is an extension of our commitment to long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our suppliers.  ASARCO works side-by-side with hundreds of suppliers to meet the needs of the Mining Industry, and especially the needs of ASARCO customers.

Now current and potential suppliers can get information on our purchasing policies and practices, learn how to increase their product portfolio within ASARCO, and can see firsthand what is required to gain access to our mining sites.

Our intention is for the Supplier Portal to evolve over time to be responsive to our Suppliers information needs.  You are encouraged to submit your recommendations and suggestions to a buyer of your choice, at any time.  For now, the portal contains important information for Suppliers including how to Sell-to-ASARCO, insurance requirements, and purchase orders terms & conditions.