Building healthy community relations is fundamental for ASARCO. Since the beginning of its
operations in 1899, the company has acknowledged the importance of being a good
neighbor. ASARCO is committed to constructive ongoing communication and coexisting in a
sustainable way with the communities close to our operations. We believe that community
outreach is based on transparency, trust and promoting long-lasting ties.

The ASARCO Mineral Discovery Center, built in 1997 to educate teachers, students and the
general public on the mining process and the importance of copper, offers regular visits into
the fully operating Mission mine in Sahuarita, AZ (more information in the Community

Through several community engagement programs such as the ASARCO Education
Foundation that allows schools to take the tour at no cost, we want to share part of our story
with teachers and students, the leaders of tomorrow.

Now more than ever, ASARCO is looking to further expand its community outreach through
sustainable programs that will benefit both the company and its neighbors. In alignment
with our parent company Grupo Mexico philosophy, ASARCO believes in bringing social
benefit to the people around its operations to build stronger communities.

To learn about more about polcies, click here to download
Community Outreach Policy