This procedure is triggered by a site requisitioners’ request for a new supplier, any unsolicited contact by a supplier to ASARCO Purchasing, and Purchasing’s’ annual distribution of the Supplier Information Survey to supplier’s who had paid invoices from the prior calendar year…

Suppliers will be asked to participate in a three step process…

  • Prepare & return a completed Supplier Information Survey
  • If you excite our interests with Section II of the Survey (product advantages), you will be asked to schedule & prepare a presentation demonstrating your product advantages…the most effective way to accomplish this is through a comparative analysis of your product with the existing ASARCO product
  • Deliver your presentation to a cross-site group that Purchasing will facilitate

It’s that simple!  This is your opportunity to make good on your product advantage claims, so we encourage suppliers to be well prepared and focused – traditional sales demonstrations are not encouraged (please take note of the Supplier Presentation Guidelines)

E-Mail your Supplier Information Survey to:

 Download Supplier Informaion Survey