ASARCO LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Grupo México,  is an integrated copper mining, smelting and refining company with approximately 2700 employees. The Company operates three mines, associated mills and smelter in Arizona and a refinery complex in Texas, which includes plants that produce copper cathode, rod and cake.

Grupo México ranks among the most important companies in Mexico, Peru, and the US, and it is one of the major copper producers in the world.  It additionally incorporates the largest multimodal rail service in México and a substantial Infrastructure Development Division with attractive growth prospects.

ASARCO Contact:

ASARCO LLC • Commercial Department
1365 West Pima Mine Road
Sahuarita, AZ 85629
Contact: Rene Bustamante
phone: 520-798-7791 • fax: 520-798-7584