Telephone: 520-356-7811 Fax: 520-356-3802

Address: P.O. Box 8, Hayden, AZ 85135-1001
6094 North Asarco Road, Hayden, AZ 85135

Location: The Hayden Operations and General Administrative Offices are located 70 miles northeast of Tucson.

The Hayden Operations consists of a 27,400 ton/day concentrator and a 720,000 ton/year copper smelter consisting of an oxygen flash furnace, converters, anode casting, oxygen plant, acid plant, and associated maintenance, warehouse and administrative facilities. Anodes produced at the smelter are shipped to the Amarillo Copper Refinery. The sulphuric acid produced at the acid plant is used in the leaching operations or sold into the market.

A local railroad, Copper Basin Railway, transports ore from the Ray Mine to the Hayden concentrator, concentrate from the Ray concentrator to the smelter, and sulphuric acid from the smelter to the leaching facilities.

December 31, 2014 Employment
Total: 607 employees; 488 hourly / 119 salaried.

Economic Impacts (2014):
Wages, salaries and fringe benefits: $57.1 million
Property, severance and sales taxes: $4.6 million
Total materials and other spending (energy, fuel and supplies): $108.1 million

Production Statistics (2014):
Copper in Anodes: 316.2 million lbs.
Sulfuric Acid: 577.1 thousand short tons

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1912 Construction Completed
1983 Flash Furnace Installed at a cost of $132M
Construction of a second sulfuric acid plant completed
1986 Ray Unit purchased from Kennecott, including Ray Smelter and Hayden Concentrator
1989 Hayden Concentrator modernization
1991 Ray Complex formed
1996 Hayden Concentrator modernization
2000 Ray and Hayden Operations formed
2012  Anode Ventilation System Installed
2015  ASARCO to Begin Converter Retrofit Project