Telephone: 806-468-4000 Fax: 806-468-4291
Address: P.O. Box 30200, Amarillo, TX 79120-0200
7001 State Highway 136, Amarillo, TX 79106

Location: 9 miles Northeast of Amarillo on Texas Highway 136

R.R. Connections: BNSF and UP

Operations: The Amarillo Plant refines copper and precious metals.The plant consists of an anode department, tankhouse, refined casting departments, precious metals refinery, a copper scrap facility, a precious metals scrap handling facility, nickel plant, selenium/tellurium plant and support facilities.

Products: Refined copper cathode, rod, cake, crude nickel sulfate, and Enviroalloy™.

December 31, 2014 Employment:
Total: 338 employees; 244 hourly / 94 salaried.

Production Statistics (2014):
Electrorefined Copper Cathode : 315.2 million lbs.
Copper Rod: 334.9 million lbs.
Copper Cake: 25.0 million lbs.

Economic Impacts (2014):
Wages, salaries and fringe benefits: $31.9 million
Property and sales taxes: $1.7 million
Total materials and other spending (energy, fuel and supplies): $27.4 million

Fact Sheet


1922 Zinc plant construction began
1924 Smelter was operational
1974 Copper refinery constructed at a cost of $210 million
1975 First shipment of copper was made.  Zinc smelter closed
1979 Patented Reatrol process (Reagent Control) increased production efficiency, enabling plant to eventually exceed design capacity.
1993 Electrolyte purification facility installed, improving the quality of refined copper production.
1994 Plant receives ISO-9002 certification for copper cathode.
1995 Plant receives ISO-9002 certification for copper rod and cake; Stormwater recycling and installation of Rod Zero stand.
1996 Plant receives ISO-9002 certification for precious metals parting, Se/Te, nickel sulfate and anode casting
1997 Rod mill upgrade.
1998 Plant receives ISO-9002 certification for anode/blister sampling, precious metals sampling and anode mold making.
2000 Increased Rod and Cake Facilities capacities.
2001 Electrolyte purification upgrade.
2003 Plant receives ISO 9000:2000 certification for copper cathode, rod, cake, precious metals parting, Se/Te, nickel sulfate and anode casting.
2006 Enviroalloy™ production and Rod shaft Furnace shell replacement.
2012 Precious Metal, Se/Te Production Suspended.
 Injection Well No. 2 Upgrade.
2015  Automated Starter-sheet stripping circuit installed.