To our Vendors and Strategic Partners:

We at ASARCO and Subsidiaries are committed to paying our vendors timely and we are asking for your help to ensure the timely processing of invoices and payments.  ASARCO Accounts Payable (AP) is handled by our Shared Services Center (CSC).  On ASARCO’s Purchase Order one can find the link or the portal website where suppliers can upload their invoices to ASARCO and Subsidiaries.  Providers can charge invoices and credit memos (with or without an associated purchase order).

If you are NOT yet registered in the portal, you will not be able to send your invoices.  Enter in the following website to register (More details can be found at

Questions/Concerns regarding payment (See also FAQs below):

All questions/concerns regarding invoices and payments should be directed to the CSC via email or telephone depending on what country calling from at:

USA: 1 844 554 6105
Mexico: 01 800 0621 331
Peru: 0 800 00763
Rest of the World: 52 662 108 2780

Service Hours 

  • M-F:  7AM – 5PM MST/PDT
  • Saturday: 7AM – 1PM MST/PDT
  • Sunday: Closed

Invoice Format:

Invoice must reference the ASARCO Purchase Order Number (PO#)
• In an effort to pay vendors in a timely manner all invoices must reference the ASARCO PO# on all invoices or will be rejected.
• Please ensure the address on the invoice clearly states the company – ASARCO LLC or Silver Bell as stated on the PO#.
• ASARCO PO # should be in the format: 41xxxxxxxx-US0x-Uxx-Zxx or 45xxxxxxxx-US0x-Uxx-Zxx.  The most important number to be on invoice is For example, 41xxxxxxxx or 45xxxxxxxx.

Sending Invoices for Payment of ASARCO delivered Goods

When the PO#, PO price and quantity, match PO# on invoice, invoice price, and invoice quantity, invoice may be uploaded to the AP Portal.  Standard Goods receiving processing time is 48 hours.  If delivery in the carrier’s tracking system occurred less than 48 hours ago then please allow our receiving process to function normally before contacting.

If delivery in the carrier’s tracking system occurred more than 48 hours ago, please send a POD signature of an ASARCO employee via email to the corresponding warehouse with a Cc: to the Buyer whose email is on the PO.

The site contact information is below:

WHSE Staff Location Function Email
Dan Ash Hayden/Ray Manager
Charlie Cruz Hayden Supervisor
Alice Padilla Ray Supervisor
Greg Stringer Silverbell Manager
Kathy Reynolds Silverbell Supervisor
Robert O’Donnell Mission Manager
Jose Avalos Mission Supervisor
Luis Gaytan Amarillo Supervisor

If you do not receive a response within 48 hours of email, please contact Warehouse via telephone.
The warehouse will locate the material and process the receipt in system and confirm when is done.
If still no response another 48 hours later, please contact the Buyer whose name is on the PO.

Sending Invoices for Payment of ASARCO Services rendered

It is recommended to avoid lost time and/or delay in invoice payment process for services completed:
• Service provider first contacts Requestor of Service at site advising the service has been finalized
• Service provider sends pro forma invoice to Requestor of Service and asks he/she to do a Service Entry Sheet
• Requestor of Service gives service provider the SAP document number when Service Entry Sheet is entered
• Service provider then uploads invoice to SSC Invoice Portal


Q – Who should I contact if I have questions regarding payment of invoice(s)?
A – If you have any questions regarding our payment process or invoice status, please send email to or call toll free 1-844-554-6105.

Q – May I send invoices or questions to the old email
A – No, email is no longer valid.

Q – Can you provide the Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico billing address?
A – No, invoices will only be processed that are uploaded to AP Portal as per their instructions.

Q – Does this change the way quotes and orders are requested?
A – No, Requests for Quotes/Bids/Proposals (RFx) and Purchase Orders (PO) will be sent to suppliers from the ASARCO Buyer, or the ASARCO Purchasing Department.  Please contact the Buyer directly whose name, telephone, and email are provided accordingly if you have any questions regarding an RFx or PO.

Q – How do I send credit memos?
A – Please upload credit memos similarly to invoices to the AP Portal.

Q – Is there something more you need from us?
A – Please send a current IRS W-9 Revision December of 2014 signed form to

Q – Can you let us know what the process will be for Vendor Manages Inventory/Vendor Held Stock Stores?
A – There is no need to send invoices when vendor has a signed agreement through ASARCO Purchasing to hold vendor owned/consignment inventory whether at an ASARCO Warehouse or vendor-controlled Warehouse whether offsite or onsite.  Weekly, whatever Warehouse reservations have been acquitted/issued will be paid by CSC who will also send a report with detail.

Q – Is it possible to streamline the current process uploading invoices?
A – CSC is always looking to approve how they process Accounts Payable.  Please send CSC Help Desk and ASARCO Purchasing ideas/thoughts/strategies for review and topic of conversation.

Q – We have been mailing the invoices and backup documents to the Tucson address which is listed on the PO.
A – Please refer to the remit to instructions on the ASARCO PO.

Q – What if I do not have a scanner?
A1 – First option would be to download and install freeware/shareware like .pdf creator that will allow you to print your invoice to a .pdf which then can be attached to an email.
A2 – Second option would be to use a smart phone device with app that takes a picture of document and converts to a .pdf that can then be shared with computer or sent via email to yourself.
A3 – Third option would be to use a fax service (e.g. efax, Ringcentral fax, Rightfax, Faxzero, Myfax, Gotfreefax, …) where you could send a fax to yourself which is received as a scanned document to your email which then can be saved and then forwarded.  Most of these give a free trial period before you commit
A3 – Fourth option would be to buy the best scanner for your Budget.