March 31, 2016

To our Vendors and Strategic Partners:

As a part of strategy of ASARCO, and its affiliates, to increase efficiency, streamline our business processes, and reduce costs, we are restructuring the vendor payment process by transferring all Accounts Payable functions to the America’s Mining Corporation (“AMC”) Shared Services Center (“CSC”) located approximately 250 miles south of Tucson in Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico.

No changes are being made in the “procurement” processes, all the same procedures currently in place to submit requisitions, obtain purchase orders, etc. remain the same. Your contacts with the ASARCO Purchasing Department do not change, the actual disbursement of funds to ASARCO vendors does not change, and this change is only to the management and processing of vendor invoices.

For our vendors, the new processing service will:

  • Minimize potential errors
  • Provide a vendor portal for easy access [coming Fall of 2016]
  • For our company, the new processing service will allow us to:
  • Gain better visibility to invoice status with the use of Vendor Invoice Management (“VIM”) (an SAP add-in)
  • Drive policy compliance, through standardization of the invoice processes

Effective date

  • From April 1, 2016 forward, all invoices will be received at the CSC Center in Hermosillo.
    The e-mail address remains the same and is listed on all Purchase Orders as

Invoice Delivery

  • This procedure is unchanged. Continue to send e-mails with the invoice file attached, to
  • Once an e-mail is received, invoice validation will be conducted and if the data is correct you will be notified by return e-mail of the reception
  • If the invoice data is not correct, you will be requested to correct and send it again

CSC Service Hours

  • M – F   7 AM – 5 PM MST / PDT
  • Sat       7 AM – 1 PM MST / PDT


Restructuring invoice processing is an important step in meeting our corporate objectives. We are very excited about this and ask each of you to support this initiative. If you have any questions, please contact the ASARCO liaison Wayne Lux at:, at CSC or Toll free at 844-554-6105, Option 2 (for English).


Mike Watts, Director