Asarco In Arizona, A Century of Commitment
Asarco’s operations provide thousands of jobs for Arizonans and pay millions of dollars in taxes to state and local governments. Asarco also pays royalties on minerals mined from state leases which benefit primarily Arizona’s educational system. The Company also pays royalties for leases on Tribal land. Whenever possible, Asarco purchases locally the materials and supplies required for its operations. Asarco employees, in turn, buy goods, pay taxes, and create additional jobs. During a century of involvement in the copper industry in the state, through periods of both boom and bust, Asarco has developed a strong commitment to copper and to Arizona.

Asarco In Texas, The Red Metal of Amarillo
The  history of the High Plains of Texas began with a quest for metal. Centuries before the Amarillo region became cattle and oil country, legends about gold lured Spanish adventurers to what is often called the Golden Spread.  Now, hundreds of years after the conquistadors abandoned their search for metallic riches, another bright metal is helping shape the area’s history and its future.  The metal is copper.

Asarco’s Amarillo Copper Refinery is among the world’s most modern. The refinery is recognized internationally as an important producer and supplier of copper.  To Amarillo and the Texas High Plains, the plant is a major employer, and an important taxpayer, annually providing county and school taxes.

For over ninety years, Asarco has been a dedicated community member, helping to support medical facilities, educational training and other endeavors important to Amarillo and surrounding communities.  For over forty years, the Amarillo Copper Refinery has been a vital economic force for Amarillo and a major supplier of copper for our nation and the world.